Company Profile

For 30 years we have been developing commercial and mixed use property in London. Our overwhelming interest has been to combine the harsh realities of business with all the benefits good architecture can bring: from the elegance of a handrail to the intelligence of a plan.

We are extending this passion using the skills we have learnt to make better ordinary housing and to this end we have set up Groundplan. Please visit the website to see our progress.

We continue to look for sites and buildings in commercial use to buy and develop, particularly when living and working might come together.

In all our work, we are not interested in the 'wow' factor or icons. We plan something familiar, quiet and elegant; but offering something new, and ultimately more sustainable.

Let us know what you think and if you know of any land owners who might share our passion?

Baylight Foundation

This is a registered charity set up and endowed by Baylight. Its purposes are to promote education and arts with particular emphasis on the built environment. Currently it has committed to a programme of funding scholarships at the Architectural Association to enable students to study there who would not otherwise be able to afford to do so.

Registered No: 1088 950